I saw it on Pinterest – DIY Oven Cleaning

Well it has been awhile since I have checked in here, I am not going to lie I have had other things going on that kept me from blogging.  One of the things that kept me away was feeling like I was only blogging about the same things, Project Life and my Etsy Shop.  So I decided to take it back to one of the original reasons I started this blog… Pinterest.  If you are like me (who is pretty addicted to the site) you will see all sorts of cleaning pins.  Pins to clean your baseboards, your washer (will be getting to that one) your microwave, etc.  you name it, there is a cleaning pin for it.

I found this pin the other day and being 30 weeks pregnant the nesting/hyper cleaning mode has kicked in.  Since I am pregnant (and even when I am not) I don’t want to be using tons of chemicals.  I whole heartedly believe in the power of vinegar, so this baking soda based concoction made sense.

I do have a disclaimer, I have not cleaned my ovens in probably close to 5 years (YIKES, I know) but I really never had a reason, my oven stayed pretty clean until this past Thanksgiving.  Boy did they take a hit this year as you can see!

The top oven before…


The solution (I doubled mine since I knew I had two ovens to do) courtesy CleanMama.net

1/2 cup Water

1/4 to 1/2 cup Baking Soda – enough to make it a paste

1 tablespoon castille soup – I just used Dawn dish soap, hence the blue-ish tint

Mix your paste, I added baking soda as needed to make it less watery


Stick your sponge in the paste and coat your oven and let it sit for 15-30 min.  I waited about 30-45 minutes mostly because I got busy cleaning other things but it still worked.


I then took a cleaning bucket filled it with HOT water and rinsed down the ovens.  This took a long time because I had to continually change out the water, since it would get too soapy.


Here are the two after photos (above and below), as you can see I have a bit more rinsing to do.  I was really happy with the result considering I did absolutely NO SCRUBBING.  I will definitely do this again with a scrubbing brush because the mixture worked so well and for an hour or two worth of cleaning my ovens look MUCH MUCH better.


Conclusion –

Check out Cleanmama.net Oven cleaning tutorial and be pleasantly surprised with the results and little to no effort at all!  Looking for other cleaning tips and tricks?  Check out my Pinterest Board Indulging my OCD – Enjoy.


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