Project Life – Clementine Baby Book featuring layouts Month 7 – 12

Happy Monday Everyone!

I was super busy this weekend getting things photographed and caught up for the blog and the Etsy shop this weekend – I have some great posts coming up!  First up is one of my favorite projects – Isabel’s Project Life Baby Book.  I am getting close to being finished (I’ll have to go back and finish some journaling, which you’ll notice below) and I am so excited to be almost entirely caught up.

Now onto the layouts – have a look below and hopefully it will inspire you and your Project Life album some way!Image

To include Isabel’s crayon art – I cut down an existing sheet protector to fit – haven’t decided if or what I am going to put on the back.Image

Here is the second insert of this month (which reminds me I have to put a tab on there!)  I haven’t found the right two photos for the bottom corner pocket.  I am using one of my favorite page protectors offered by Becky Higgins/Project Life Design G  I love it because it has the perfect combo of horizontal/vertical.Image

You will notice lots of blank spaces in the next two months, I don’t know what on earth happened but I have had the hardest time finding photos to fit into these months.  I am still searching my collection so I hope to get those filled in with both journaling and some additional pictures.ImageImageImageImage

Above you will notice some pictures peeking out – they are some fun ones I want to put into an insert but just haven’t come up with an idea/insert that I love just yet.  I tucked them there so that they wouldn’t get mixed in with the wrong month etc.ImageImageImageImageImageIf you are like me – I usually end up buying the coordinating set of cardstock to go with my core kit.  I think this makes me feel “safe” from the days of my 12×12 scrapbooking.  It’s a you never know what you might need/want type thinking but I was glad when I was able to use it to add some background to some pieces of art Isabel brought home.  Since the cardstock is double sided you don’t even need to cut out two pieces – bonus time saver!Image

Here is another insert that I forgot to tab – will have to go back and do that as well.  But the backside is just more photos from month 12.  Nothing terribly crazy or tons of embellishments (which still overwhelms me)  I am just super happy that I have this much of her early years documented.  Some of my favorite pictures – some not so great pictures but regardless memories that she can look back at years from now is why I keep going and why I love this method so much.

Stay tuned for the last installment of Isabel’s baby book on how to handle everything post first birthday!


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