Bento’s are back!

Welcome back readers!  As I have been so busy with the migration of the blog and a special new project that I’ll be announcing later this week… I realized I had no new bento posts!  Horrible I know! But you are in luck, they are back and I’ll do my best to give them a more regular weekly feature.

apples and sunflower butter flower sandwich

My daughter is not into sandwiches, I try every so often to see if with a different combo I can get her to eat one.  This pretty flower one was no different, she ate the insides but left the bread.  I guess I should be happy given my lifelong battle with carbs but I still want her to try new things so we will keep trying.

I also added a small dipping container of sunflower butter (since her school is nut free)  She was not a fan (and as a Peanut Butter addict I can’t blame her) but I thought I would try… it really is a great nut free option but keep it in a separate container if possible since it is super messy to clean up.

cheese flowers pasta and apple bento

After reading some comments on Ritz Crackers I decided to try a different organic non-GMO option, the  brand being Late July.  Isabel liked them so that was the win of the day!

cheese quesadilla with clementines

Leftovers are great when you can repurpose them for lunch.  Quesadillas are great for this, they can be cut into any size needed.  Here I added some of her favorite “dips” sour cream and guacamole.  Her teachers said she loved it and was so excited to eat this lunch!

pasta veggies and yogurt bento

Pretty standard lunch for her today, probably running late and didn’t have much time for any creativity.

raisin bread clementine baby bell bento

Here is another attempt at a sandwich, again bread went untouched EXCEPT that raisin bread with a smear of butter on it – she LOVED that.  Baby Bel cheese are so great for lunches, if your kids can peel them, its tons of fun.  If they are too little to peel them, you can make some fun decorations into the wax that covers them.  This one was ladybug inspired!

So even though its been almost two months since I last had a bento post- this is the end of week 2, stay tuned next week for more lunch ideas for your little one.


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