A Scary Halloween Party

Looking through this blog you will see lots of cutesy things.  About a month or so ago at a holiday get together the idea of a Halloween party came up…But not a cute and crafty kinda Halloween party but a real scary, creepy and adult like halloween party.   This is pretty far out of what I normally blog  about but I thought it would be a good challenge to see what’s out there.

Here are my top 5 scary decor ideas:

Bloody Shower for Halloween

This would most definitely scare me, if I turned the light on to use a restroom.  This image was found via bing/pinterest but it doesn’t look to terribly difficult to attempt.


Want a way to scare guests from going upstairs?  Drape a mannequin in gauze/cheese cloth and the result will definitely up the creep factor of your party.

Gross and scary bathroom decor for halloween

How about this for your bathroom?  Guests would go running for sure!

Creepy Black mannequin for the corner

Add another mannequin in the corner to give your guests the feeling that someone is watching them.

painted doll for extra scare factor

When I saw this picture, to me there was nothing creepier… little kids represented in doll form and painted in all white.  If your lighting is right this could be the scariest addition to a party!

Here are my picks for top 5 creepiest foods for a Halloween Party:


Puff pastry intestines are super easy to make.  Just take some frozen puff pastry, weave it around the baking pan and then make blood with either red food coloring or you could use red royal icing.

Turkey meatball EYEballs for Halloween

Look how lifelike these Turkey Meatballs look as real eyes.  Just make sure to add the olive to really make it look real.

Hellraiser cheese spread for Halloween

While I think this display doesn’t do Hellraiser justice – it is a great concept to take a cheese spread and then sculpt it into something scary.  This one definitely leaves room for improvement but just think what you could do…

Tru Blood Halloween Drink

If you want to embrace your inner vampire try it with this Tru Blood halloween drink

shrimp brains for halloween party

What better way to feed guests than with this shrimp brains appetizer, voted one of the 27 best Halloween fun snacks by buzzfeed

Well there you have it – my picks for creepy, gross, scary or spooky things to add to your Halloween party this year!  Happy Celebrating

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