Party Post: Camp David

For many of my returning readers you know that I often help friends & family out with their parties in various capacities.  My good friends the Dluhy’s had me help design their son’s amazing 2nd birthday with the theme of Camp David.

For this party I helped with various components.  Let’s start with the signage…

These were originally created for David’s 1st birthday.  To make them I took two pieces of foam core, covered them in a faux wood paper (the large kind found to make bulletin board backdrops) then covered those in protective clear shelf liner (aka contact paper)  I took color coordinated duct tape and attached them to one another.
For the lettering I used a variety of colors that fit in with the theme, used the Life’s a beach cricut cartridge and then just stuck them on with some double sided tape.

Another area I worked on with the “camp site” aka “base camp.”  Originally this party was supposed to be outdoors, but Mother Nature did not cooperate.  We moved the party inside and turned out working great.

To create the A-Frame wood tent I used this tutorial I found on pinterest.  I headed to Joann’s to find the right fabric for the tent and found a great lightweight fabric that had the appearance of canvas (what I had envisioned as a traditional camp tent)

For the blankets we found at Joann’s large run felt.  I believe it was a 72″ wide run if I remember correctly.  I bought 2 yards of each color (Brown, Orange and Green) and then cut them in half to double our amount.  This was a great cost savings (instead of buying real blankets) and also totally helped keep the mess of the kids off the floor.  The white boxes you see are lunch boxes for each child.  The labels I created using the original artwork from the invitation and my cricut Accent Essentials cartridge.

Even though the kids had their own lunch boxes there was still a food buffet for the adults or the kids who needed something different.  We used some leftover burlap (also from David’s first birthday) to add a layer on top of the orange table cloths.  Then I took some extra burlap and maybe a yard of green gingham fabric to create the garland we pinned in the center of the display.

These favors are great – not only to the come contained in a super cute mason jar (which are all the rage right now) but they are all the ingredients you need to make smores at home!  What better thing to take home?  I created the labels on top of the jar, again from the original artwork of the invite plus adding a super cute camp themed font to read Camp David.
Instead of doing cake or cupcakes, the Dluhy’s chose to make these super yummy brownie smores.  They were premade brownie bites that they then topped with a marshmallow and melted them down to “toast” them.  The little leaf decorations came from the party store and the wood stumps (courtesy of my mother-in-laws tree she had to chop down) all added to the rustic look/theme of the party.

Now for the star of the party, the faux campfire.  This was a collaborative effort between the Dluhy’s and I.  They wanted the fire to be as real as it could, while remaining safe.  To create the look first cut strips of red and yellow cellophane.  Then I layered in red and orange tissue paper.  In the center of the “fire” I placed a battery operated fan (to blow the flames) and a battery operated light (to make the cellophane light up)  We placed firewood around the the setup of tissue and cellophane.  We used some leaves (found at Michaels) around to just enhance the scope of the fire.  It was a big win with the birthday boy.

As always this party was so much fun to work on and not only did the guests have a great time but the birthday boy really enjoyed himself too.

Happy 2nd Birthday David! Thanks for letting me get to share in your special day!


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