DIY Project: Binky or Paci Straps

If you have a young child who uses a pacifier are you constantly picking them up and cleaning them off? Losing them whenever you go out?  I am sure you have seen the straps they have at various retailers but maybe like me, you are shocked at the price for a piece of nylon and a metal clip right?

My daughter used the Soothies brand, they have only two small holes to attach a strap.  I was often disappointed when I would find a cute strap and but it attached to the pacifier in a way that was too big for her “binky.” After some serious searching I broke down and bought one because we were travelling so much it just made sense…instead of having to worry about gross airplane/airport floor germs.
When a few friends were having babies I thought this might be a cute way to add to a gift for them.  So off to the stores I went in search of some grosgrain ribbon.  If you ask me, Hobby Lobby has one of the most impressive selections of decorative grosgrain ribbon.  They have sports for boys/girls, Disney characters, cute patterns and almost all of them I can never find elsewhere.

Now how I sewed them was a bit of trial and error.  What I did wrong… 
Initially, I cut one piece of ribbon, put the “clothing clip” in the fold of the ribbon and sewed the ribbon together.  At the end is where I took a short piece of cording folded it in half and then sewed over it to close the seam and secure the cording.  Sorry I don’t have photos of this but trust me its better that you read on below for what I did right.  The finished product was an okay strap, definitely did not look professional by any means.

Here’s what I did right the second time around. What I did right…

  •      Cut one piece of ribbon and folded in half (place the clothing clip in the fold)
  •        The two ends of the ribbon I folded right side facing each other (while the clothing clip was still in the fold, a bit tricky to handle but it can be done)
  •       I placed the approx 4 in piece of cording folded in half in between the two pieces of ribbon (that I just folded right side facing each other) facing towards the inside of the loop and sewed the seam (very similar to how you would sew fabric)
  •      Flipped the ribbon/cording right side (image side) out and ironed the end seam so it was nice and flat
  •      Lastly I sewed the “sides” or the long part of the ribbon together

Sewing the strap this way left me with clean seams and nice finished edges.  The cording I used has held up nicely and I picked black because it shows dirt less than the typical white or pink colors.
So there you have it – a pretty quick and definitely cost effective way to make decorative binky/paci straps.  I would love to see your version of them – send me pictures!


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