Project Life: Isabel’s Baby Book – lots of layouts!

In an effort to maintain my out with the old in with the new, (Jewish) new year I am working diligently to finish Isabel’s baby book.  As much as I love this album, I am getting creatively anxious to move on to the next project.  So here are the latest layouts using primarily the Project Life Clementine Core Kit with inserts from the Cobalt Core Kit, The Midnight Core Kit and the Blush Core Kit.  I am finding that as I get more comfortable with the format I am more willing to mix and match cards/elements that I had been too “intimidated” to do early on.  I have also included various cards from the Pocket Pages Baby Kit.
Here is an insert using Design H Page Protector (I haven’t yet added a tab, but plan on it so all inserts coordinate) but the insert is the page protector and on the back has more close ups of the details in her first bedroom.  Design H is one of my favorite page protectors because it gives a lot of versatility with photos/journaling or filler cards.  I also love the comparison photo of my first picture and my last – quite a change in that belly! 

I used the Tall Envelope Page to keep the cards I received at the hospital as well as her announcement we sent out.
To include a letter that was written to Isabel from a dear family friend I just used a plain 8.5″x11″ page protector from either Avery or Staples.

The going home card and sugar and spice card come from Pocket Pages Baby Collection I mentioned above and it is available at Michaels.  While the quality was inconsistent in the pack in terms of printing, some of them were cute additions.  If using these cards please note that you will have to trim them to fit the pocket sizes.
This layout is from the first week at home.  For anyone that had a child with jaundice or was learning to breastfeed you may recognize a chart similar to this one.  I had to keep a few of the pages because in those early days they really helped us anticipate what Isabel’s needs were and how well she was recovering from her jaundice.  I also included a thank you note from all my nurses at the hospital.  While I am sure most hospitals do this – I thought it was a sweet touch!  Again, here I just used a regular 8.5×11″ page protector from Staples/Avery.

The next few layouts are from Isabel’s Hebrew naming ceremony.  It is custom in Judaism to circumcise a male baby at 8 days old, which is called a Bris or Brit Milah.  For girls there is really no time parameters for her to receive her Hebrew name or that they even have to have a ceremony.  We held Isabel’s no more than 2 weeks after she was born which was wonderful to have everyone meet her and celebrate her birth.
My mother made the dress Isabel wore to the naming from material from my wedding dress (which she also made)  I included a leftover piece of the lace from the dress, since it was so special to us for many reasons.  I also created a 4×6″ vertical card to include her Hebrew name and why we chose it.

Because there were so many wonderful photos I had to include another Design H insert.  This time I used filler cards from the Midnight Core Kit and the Blush Core Kit.

Since the Clementine kit came out before Project Life offered vertical 4×6″ journal cards I had to make some of my own.  I used a folding card from the Clementine kit and then for the blessing that we said to Isabel, I used the Clementine 12×12″ card stock
Well that catches us up a bit – I have through the whole first year almost complete and now its time to photograph them so I can come back with more layouts for you next week!  Hope you enjoy and can get some inspiration for your own Project Life Albums!


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