Back to School Photos

It is back to school time and whether or not you are hosting back to school parties, making new teacher gifts or just taking photos here is a quick easy way to make a “chalkboard like” sign for your children.

Those that know me… know that I absolutely cannot stand a chalkboard, I know crazy right? Blame it on the OCD but in my mind they are always messy, I can never get the image/text I want and the texture uhhh it makes me shudder.  So how did I duplicate this super cute sign? Read on…

Because I believe in giving credit where credit is due and in no way take credit for the idea behind this cute little sign which comes from Sassyrae’s Etsy Shop.  Had I found this earlier I probably would have just ordered it, but time was of the essence so I didn’t have time for the production/shipping time.

How did I make my own?  I went to Target and picked up a large piece of poster board.  You can find these almost anywhere from Staples to a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  I cut it to the size I wanted which was about 11×17 ish.

Next I laid everything out in pencil, what text, the sizes etc.  Then I had a few paint pens on hand so I used a medium tip white pen to trace over the pencil and voila – Isabel’s very own “chalkboard” sign.  I did mount this with double sided tape to an old canvas I had to make it easier for her to hold.  She loved holding it in her pictures and what a cute, inexpensive and easy way to help document the first day!

A few things I included on the sign… 
Her name and the name of the school
How old she is
What she is currently “loving”
The date the photo was taken

Hope this helps you come up with your own “chalkboard” sign!
Happy Back to School!


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