Weekly Bento Box Round Up: Week 5

This week in bento’s I tried to be creative… with food combos and presentation.  While some things came out great – some things fell short in my mind.  You be the judge – perhaps your child will eat what I thought was yummy…
Here Isabel’s new food combo was banana and sunflower butter.  She did not like them – can’t say as I blame her since I am peanut butter devotee but alas nut free school means sunflower butter (one of the only options.)

Tuesday’s lunch had a flower theme.  The flower on the right is made of cucumbers and cheese, using snap peas as the stem laid over a bed of rice… this did not go over well with Isabel – she wanted nothing to do with the mixing.  BUT she did eat that cold cut strip flower, not the best looking thing in the world but she ate it.

On Wednesday her new food was jelly and cream cheese sandwiches.  Again, she wants nothing to do with the sandwich idea.  She pulls it apart and may lick what is inside but will not eat it all together.

Onto Thursday, okay she isn’t into the sandwich thing – how about a roll-up?  I see those all the time on the bento blogs I follow right? Nope wanted nothing to do with this sunflower butter and jelly roll up.

Ah Friday – I was creatively drained, given what I thought would be big hits came home barely touched.  So a quarter of a cupcake and her favorite foods and she ate it all.  At least the girl knows what she likes!
In the meantime, we will keep trying to see if she get over her various aversions… wish me luck!


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