Parties that Inspire: Father’s Day

Even though Father’s Day was a few weeks ago this golf “Partee” works for not only Father’s day but your favorite golf guy or gal’s birthday celebration as well.  This is the father’s day party I threw for Jason last year.  Once I knew I wanted to use this theme I began looking around on blogs, pinterest and various party sites to collect all the possible ideas I could want to use.  When I had every possible thing I could think of I made a list and then began to scale it back based on what we would be doing.
Here I used blue and green lanterns I have had from various other parties/projects.  I picked these up at Party City for a good price.  While at Party City I picked up some royal blue streamers.  I knew I already had green and white streamers in my stash from Isabel’s First Birthday.  For the banner, I used my cricut to cut the circles and letters. then the bunting I just used 12×12 sheets of paper from Hobby Lobby and cut it to the size I wanted by hand.

I used those awesome drink dispensers I picked up awhile back from Garden Ridge Pottery.  You can find these things all over the place ranging in price from $19.99 and up to $100+ depending on size, quality etc.

For the buffet table I used a plastic royal blue tablecloth again from Party City and then I laid a piece of green and white polka dot fabric I picked up from Joann’s and had sitting in my party stash as well.  Like most of the golf “partees” you see out there I did a play on words for the food…
Water = Water Hazard
Rice Krispie Treats = Sand Trap
Donut Holes = Hole in One
Sandwiches = Club Sandwiches
Tortilla Chips = Chip Shots
Iced Tea = Iced “Tee”

For the centerpieces I picked up some artificial long grass from Hobby Lobby (so I could use my coupon of course) then I put it in a glass vase I had here at home.  To fill the vase I layered with golf tees on the bottom and then cut crinkle paper on top to fill it to the top.  Around the vase I had little gold trophies I picked up from the dollar store and then I put moss balls in them.  Moss balls are awesome!  We used various sizes for our wedding decor and I saved them all and reuse them all the time.  They are amazingly versatile.

Here is a shot of the card Isabel made for Jason.  I just love kids handprint art – I love coming up with new things to make her hands/feet into.

This is what we did for him for his present.  We stamped Isabel’s hand and then wrapped it around the baseball.  I then took an old Astros ticket Jason had lying around, scanned it and then edited the new details into photoshop.

All in all it was a great fathers day and I love that I can use this decor to add to my party stash and repurpose at a later date!


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