Weekly Bento Box Round Up: Week 4

Getting back to Bento Box fun here at The Obsessive Crafter.  I have been trying some new things but when your child is as picky as mine, I find I am often putting the same thing in the lunch box day in and day out.  
She is also picky about how I lay the foods out – meaning if certain food touches the other food she won’t eat it… gotta love two year olds, at least she knows what she likes and is not afraid to express it!
Here is a look back at week four – hope you get some great ideas!
The clementine with a blueberry in it – super quick and easy way to make a flower

This One minute multi-grain medley (Bottom right and pictured below) is one of her favorite foods – she now asks me to put it in her lunch box, and then eats it all… super awesome!

Again loving the cookie cutters and cupcake liners but I am growing frustrated with the Sassy containers.  Simply from an OCD stand point in how the food doesn’t always fit the best, or the cupcake containers get smooshed.

If you are looking for some other great Bento Blogs to follow – Check out Wendolonia – she has awesome photo galleries be sure to check it out!
Happy Lunching!

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