Project Life: Isabel’s Baby Book – new layouts

I am so happy that I have decided to go back and revamp some of Isabel’s Project Life baby book.  I am really happy with the process so far and feel so much better about this project already.  Not to mention I am notorious for saying I will journal later so the fact that I have completed as much as I have is super motivating to continue! Now onto the layouts…
I have mixed pieces of the Clementine Core Kit, Clementine Card-stock and this super cute Pocket Pages baby kit I found randomly at Michael’s.  To put the seals with the week #’s I used a Martha Stewart Punch (which is looks like is no longer available) and Clementine card-stock to create the label.  I stuck it on with a piece of double sided tape.  Unlike most Project Lifers I like to keep my layouts as flat as possible, I don’t add many bulky embellishments and did the trick!
The one bulky thing I added was all my appointment reminder cards starting at 8 weeks and moving into my weekly appointments – I thought this was a fun little reminder to add.

This is the first insert and it was the weekend I got to spend with my family for my sisters graduation before we found out I was pregnant.  I had my suspicions at the time but didn’t say anything until I took a test once I got back to Houston.  I used a Design H page protector and then using Clementine card stock and my tab punch I created the tab on the top right that says Dartmouth.  The card you see with the gold star is actually a leftover I had from the Cobalt Core Kit I used to document 2012.

Here is the back of insert 1 and the first page of insert 2.  I went to Israel at about 5 weeks pregnant.  While I was exceptionally tired I managed all of the hikes and other activities (except riding on a camel – doctors orders)  The Enjoy card came from that same kit I mentioned above.  For the second insert I used Design F page protector and cut it down to fit the ultrasounds and my card-stock and tab punch again to differentiate from the first insert.

Here are my belly shots from various points throughout the pregnancy with journaling related to each of the weeks that are photographed.

Now onto the next layout – more belly shots and more journaling nothing new here.

Here are the inserts I created to add my maternity photos.  I used my friend Revi and she did such an amazing job with them.  I used some washi tape I bought at Target to seal the page protectors since this is a generic 4×6″ vertical that I cut down.
I am not in LOVE with the title card but it works and I can deal… for now 😉

Here is the back of the first insert and a second Design filled with more of my favorite photos.

This page is the start of my baby shower documentation.  My family and friends did a great job since they know how much I love parties, cute food and decorations.  Revi again was so wonderful to capture all the special details they did for me.  My mom flew in and made all my favorite sweet treats too – which when pregnant is a super bonus!  The little gumball tag is actually off one of the gifts we received and you will see a few more of them throughout the book!

So that is the next 4+ pages of Isabel’s baby book.  Next week I will be back with more layouts – are you excited about Project Life yet and all it’s uses?  Tell me what you are using your project life for?


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