The Mom Book

About 2 years ago I stumbled upon this concept in Real Simple.  It was called the Mom Book…where each year your children either write something or create some artwork etc.  Coming from a family where my mother heavily emphasized homemade gifts vs. spending our money I really love this concept.  Also, being someone that loves to scrapbook – this seemed like the perfect idea.

Like most women would, I casually mentioned this concept to my husband in hopes that he would be pick up on my cryptic “oh Jason look at this cool idea” hint.  Last year he came through!  He picked out an amazing 12 x 12″ dupioni silk covered album in my favorite color purple.  The paper is high quality and has that rough edge like old books which if you are a book geek you will totally appreciate (I love it)

While Rag and Bone Bindery no longer offers this color you can find a ton of beautiful options on their site.

Inside Isabel and I worked on our first project together…making her handprint flower (note the extra space if other children come into the picture later on I can add more flowers) To create the letters I used my cricut and then glued them using Zig archival glue stick.

I also had Isabel make her own painting to add to the book.  For this I had her work on a separate sheet and then glued it in but moving forward I don’t know if I will have her create right in the book or continue with the separate sheet added in later.

The best part of this gift is the potential as Isabel grows.  I can’t wait to include her writing and eventually coming up with projects and ideas all her own.  Seeing this makes me wish I had made one for my mom growing up!  
Another great part of this is that it doesn’t have to be just for Mother’s Day.  You could have your kids write a message in here instead of cards for birthdays or holidays.  So if you are at all sentimental or into celebrating your kids creativity this is a great mother’s day gift for you 


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