Weekly Bento Box Round Up: Week 3

Another week done and I am still loving the Bentos!  It is a great way to get Isabel to try new things without wasting too much food at one time.
Since we are not allowed to send peanut butter to school I am constantly struggling with some form of sandwich.   I have learned the smaller I make the sandwiches, the more likely Isabel is to eat them.  I have also learned that she did not enjoy the cream cheese and jelly option above.

Here is an example of how I packed Isabel some extra snacks to have with her morning yogurt.  I have to tell you even though the yogurt works in the silicone cupcake liners – my OCD will not allow me to put it in there again.  The shape doesn’t hold the more you fill it and it could be messy depending on how you send it.

This lunch I realized I really need to invest in some little sauce containers.  She didn’t use half that ranch dressing so if I picked up some of these, again less waste 🙂

Here is a good shot of all that I pack Isabel.  The bento box, yogurt, fresh fruit as an additional snack and then a great thermos full of milk.  These Thermos brand thermos’ work great at keeping the milk cold for up to 10 hours.  I chill mine in the fridge the night before and it stays great the whole school day.

So here I thought I would get all fancy with a sandwich press (that is supposed to be cookie monstert) but apparently Isabel doesn’t like sandwiches that big when they are bologna and cheese.  Oh well!  I will try again with a different kind of sandwich next week.

This is a bit silly, really didn’t have much creative inspiration that morning but I am sure the teachers at least thought it was funny when they opened it.
Thats the weekly round up of Isabel’s Bento boxes.  I am still trying to figure out the photo situation and improve those, while trying not to give Isabel the same thing every day.  Taking photos helps a lot though in referring back to what I have given her over the course of the week.  I also have to say that since I started doing this a WHOLE lot less food has been coming back home with us!
Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board – here you can find not only my bentos but lots of other great ideas for what to pack!


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