Project Life: Isabel’s Baby Book

For those that know me they know one thing I am completely obsessed with is Project Life.  A wonderful, super convenient scrapbooking method that literally transformed my life and how I document it.  Becky Higgins created this phenom and you can find out more about it at her site or check out this quick video…

While I was pregnant I searched high and low for a baby book that had what I wanted.  But like most of you I am sure, you found some that had almost all but not everything or some that were super cute but just didn’t fit what you were looking for.  As soon as I heard of Project Life and started checking out others that used it, I knew it was how I wanted to make Isabel’s baby book.
So here we are…Isabel turned two in February and I have made it my mission to finish this book by my birthday (June).  I started it two years ago and after playing around with photos and cards I just wasn’t in love with it so I left it.  
I am a big believer in giving some space between you and a project, it really helps give you some perspective on your priorities for the project, not to mention your taste changes.  I can look back now and I can see why I wasn’t in love then.  Of course in a truly obsessive manner I am going back page by page to touchup, redo or create layouts that inspire me.  Most importantly I want Isabel to have something she can look back at and truly enjoy.  Here are the first few pages of the book and hopefully each week I will be able to update you with my progress…
Here is the title page setup by using the Clementine Core Kit.  I do have plans to incorporate additional cards/embellishments but at this time I am not planning on buying a baby edition.  I feel like it would just be too much stuff in my stash right now (purging that is another project for later)
Page one – giving some perspective on life before Isabel was born and some photos of Jason and I as kids.  I just love that photo of Jason!

Page two – included some pictures from our engagement, wedding, honeymoon and move to Texas

Page Three – These pages I am really excited about.  I am collecting photos of as many sets of great grandparents as I can. I have sorted Jason’s family by using the red damask looking paper and then my family is the polka dots.  Each photo is labeled as follows…
Paternal or Maternal 
Family nick name i.e. grandma, grammie etc. 
Given name
(sorry for the glare on this one)

Insert one – inserts were created for all the extended family.  First up Great Aunts and Uncles (I have since added a handmade tab to the top right to help identify the insert at quick glance)

Insert two – a much smaller insert of her first and only cousin Brooke.  I don’t necessarily like the placement of this right now so this may be moving.  I feel like it is just too small and gets lost in between the other two bigger inserts.  Maybe I will make this into slightly larger layout.  The insert behind with all the post-its is for second and third cousins.

Insert three- I am still working on finding, sizing and editing the photos of all the cousins but this way I make sure no one is left out.  In some cases I combined kids from one family to save space.  This page protector is actually made for baseball cards.  The spaces are a bit smaller so trimming of the 3×4″ cards is needed but it’s not too difficult.  I also have plans to add a handmade tab at the top right for this insert as well.

Now you may be wondering why I am including so many relatives.  I have two reasons for this… the first is that I did not come from a big family so the fact the fact that Jason does I think is special for Isabel to know about. Two is because much like this article “The Family Stories that Bind us” (thanks Becky Higgins for sharing) I think that children should know who makes up there family as much as where they come from.  Family stories help keep children down to earth and connected to their family in my opinion.

Page four – includes only grandparents, aunts and uncles and a cute little quote on being a family.
Well there you have it Isabel’s first few pages of her baby book.  I am definitely LOVING this book much more than in the past and I am excited about the changes I am making.  Check back for more progress next week!
Looking for more ideas and inspiration – follow my Project Life board on Pinterest.  Also be sure to check out my Project Life page to see last year’s weekly album and coming soon my 2013 album.  
Another post worth reading if you feel super behind and don’t know where to start… Check out Scrapbookers Circle to read this story of how one woman caught up on 9 years worth of albums!
Good luck and Happy Scrapping!


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