Weekly Bento Box Round up

Another great week of making bento box lunches for Isabel.  I picked up a few things to add to my bento box tool kit.  Each of the tools will be featured as I start using them.

First thing I found and the easiest to use are these silicone cupcake liners found at Marshall’s 12 for $4.99 such a great deal – always pays to keep a look out!

This week my goal was to experiment with what Isabel would eat the best and how much to give her of each food item.  Some things were a big hit – like the chicken quesadillas other things no so much.  Another goal was to experiment with was the cookie cutters and different cuts of fruits and veggies.
The other ongoing goal I have is to perfect the photography, I feel like I can never get the lunch boxes right but I will keep trying!

So normally my OCD would not allow me to buy different lunch boxes when the Sassy ones I have work so well – but in the spirit of Bento I broke from my norm and found this super cute (the lid is floral with snap closure) square lunch box.  Again a testament to keeping a lookout because you will never know what you can find and for cheap – that one was on clearance at Target!
Another week another few links to check out for more lunch ideas – I love this site that a friend and reader recommended Happy Little Bento.  Then another great page that you may have seen if you follow The Obsessive Crafter on facebook was recommended by a friend/reader 100 days of Real Food


One thought on “Weekly Bento Box Round up

  1. Shari Kammerman says:

    I used to use those Sassy containers – loved them, but unfortunately, as my girls got older and had to open their own containers, I had to switch to different containers. Now I love the Rubbermaid Lunchblox containers. I am still learning about the "bento" concept, but I will keep reading. THANKS!!AND, thanks for the recent post about scrapbooking. I feel so much better about striving for more organization amongst my family's clutter and my desire to organize and have keepsakes.

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