Cute and easy kids bookplates

Books are a super special present in our home.  Shortly after Isabel was born a friend of mine arranged a sip and see in our honor.  The theme of the party was to bring a book to add to Isabel’s library.  I think it was absolutely genius and my friend had the idea to make book plates so that everyone could put it in the book so years down the road we would know where and why it came to land in our home.
Flash forward two years – we have obviously ran out of all the book plates that came from the party because thankfully Isabel’s library is just that big!  So after some looking around on pinterest I happened to stumble on this pin for a free download...
Immediately I fell in love the colors and the whimsical animals.  After searching the Mr. Printables site I actually found these printable notecards that I liked better because of the colored border and interior white space.

I downloaded the freebie and then modified it with text in photoshop.  The text (Pea Ellie Bellie) is also a free download that can be found here and was color matched to the mane of lion.  After that I saved it as a jpg and I just used microsoft word to print it on the Avery labels I had.
The longest part of this project was finding a design I actually liked.  Once I found that it took me about an hour from start to finish.  The book plates came out great and I hope in the future to use all of the animals for bookplates to tie them all together but not be so matchy matchy.


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