Project Life 2013 – Getting Organized

Hey Everyone, sorry I have been a bit MIA – I have been working on project after project around the house.  One of which includes wrapping up my 2012 Project Life album and freaking out over my seafoam kit that just arrived.  I can’t begin to tell you how worth the wait it was and how Elise Blaha Cripe and Becky Higgins hit it out of the park with this kit – it is AWESOME.

Since Jason has been traveling for work I haven’t been able to do much posting this week BUT I have been working at getting my new 2013 project life album organized.  Here is a collection of great posts that have been floating around the blogsphere that have been super helpful for me.  Stay tuned for layout pics shortly, with the weekend coming up I am able to use some day light hours and get some better photos for you all.  Until then check out all these great posts to learn about Project Life or get inspired to start your own!

Getting Started – What is this project life business you keep talking about Rene?

New to project life and want to know more…Becky Higgins the mastermind behind this awesome idea/products created this great video on what project life is check it out here 

Want to meet Becky and hear why she created Project Life in the first place?  Check out this great video from

Getting my workspace organized:
(updated pics to come soon)
I have an Ikea Expedit bookshelf that I use to store all my supplies.  It works well and stores almost everything nicely.  
I use “found” containers (mostly from Target) to organize everything.  I have 12×12″ trays and various sized bins for scraps of paper, stamps, stickers etc.  Then I use magazine holders to hold my 8.5×11″ card stock and use a larger 12×12″ specific holder for that card stock.  
I created one bin of the most commonly used tools for my albums including my corner chomper, pens, scissors, double sided tape, mini stapler, various washi tapes, smash book date stamp and ink pad.
Products I plan to use:
Digital Project Life or Physical?  Physical core kit/album
Project Life Core Kit: Seafoam
Page protectors: I am going to make my 2013 album exclusively Design A.  I have various other page protectors in different designs but I think I am going to stick to this format unless the photos dictate I change it up that specific week.
Album:  For my album I happen to like the Recollections collection (available at Michaels)  I love the color selections and the size of the album.  It is a three ring binder that fits Project Life pocket pages of any size without a problem.  Last year with my cobalt core kit I used a royal blue, this year with my seafoam kit I am using a kraft paper colored album.
Photo Editing: I use either just a quick effect in Iphoto or if I need to I throw it into Adobe Photoshop to make more dramatic edits.
Camera: Digital Rebel XS and IPhone 5
Photo Apps: Instagram & Diptic
Photo Printing method: All photos printed via Shutterfly
My Resolutions for 2013 Project Life:

1. Include more of Jason and I in the album, more day to day life photos.  I love having all the photos of Isabel but Jason, Jack (our dog) and I are seriously lacking in the album so I resolve to put in more details about the rest of us.
2. I am changing up my weeks – instead of Sunday – Saturday I am going to do Monday – Sunday.  It just makes more sense to me and after last year I think it will just work with our life a bit better.
3.  Including a quote a week.  If you read Elise’s blog you will recognize this from her 2012 project life album.  She made these quotes available for download and you can find them here.  I have printed them all out and started putting them in each week’s spread.  I just like that it helps with resolution #6 more white space and I LOVE quotes, always have and always will – so inspiring.
4.  Add some embellishments – I am not talking a ton here, but I have a huge product “stash” from my years of traditional scrapbooking so in an effort to purge my collection and add visual interest to my album, I resolve to add some embellishments to my album.
5.  Weekly postings – I have decided Tuesday will be my weekly Project Life posting day.  That way I will have weekend daylight to photograph and then have plenty of time to photoshop and post.

6. Include more white space – new Project Life creative team member Tracy Larsen really does this well.  I just love her layouts and get super inspired from looking at them.

7.  This one will be the toughest but I resolve not to purchase every project life product available or coming in May this year.  They are all so awesome but I am going to focus on the now and not the next project.  I have a tendency to look too far ahead and then I lose momentum on the project at hand.

I have to say I am pretty excited I was able to complete all of 2012.  Yes there are some weeks that have blanks in them, but I am not afraid to go back to them if I have an extra hour here or there. The method of using two pages to cover a week seemed to work really well with our lifestyle and definitely manageable.

I am super excited about starting my 2013 layouts and can’t wait to share with you!  If you are working on project life this year how do you plan to tackle it?


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