Get it together 2013: Free yourself from paper!

Okay you are asking yourself – the title of this post is “Free yourself from paper” yet she just blogged about her paper & pen planner yesterday… you’re confused right?  

I am all for paper over digital formats.  I love paper, paper stores, working with paper etc.  but what I don’t love is paper that creates clutter like the bills, mailers, receipts etc.

I know for myself getting organized often means sorting through papers.  In my house papers often turn into 1-2 piles that grow and grow and get shuffled from one surface to another.  It eventually drives me insane and when I can’t take it anymore and have to go through it (this usually only takes about 3 weeks max)

I throw out/shred/recycle as much as I can – old receipts we don’t need, Isabel’s daily sheets from daycare, junk mail that somehow didn’t already get tossed.  I then make two piles one for me and one for my husband of things that need to be addressed.  Mine go into my Erin Condren (see this post from yesterday) and his goes into a file system he likes.  He has a much larger threshold so his pile gets much bigger and lasts longer than I would like, but he can tell when it really bothers me and thankfully does something about it.

It is hard to throw things out – you think you might need it again or if it revolves around a memory or a milestone a child had, I get it trust me I do…BUT my desire not to become an episode of hoarders is much stronger.  Hoarding is in my DNA, my grandmother saves a ton, my dad does too and as a child you could have called me a “pack rat” for sure.  I saved EVERYTHING and even through high school and college I continued to save and save.

When I had Isabel I knew it was either going to have to get better or it was going to get WAY worse.  Her gifts, toys and “stuff” kept piling higher and higher.  While our house is a great size, it doesn’t provide a ton of place to store and for me I think that is just the solution.

Papers are so tough, what if you need it for taxes or warranties etc?  Well I found this great info graphic from Just Organize Your Stuff over at A Bowl Full of Lemons that should help you decide if you need to keep it or not.

Feeling motivated to cut the papers down in 2013?  Head over to this post on A Bowl full of Lemons for super cute ways to organize your home office.  I mean who isn’t motivated by a color-coded, labeled filing system?  Just the way to start off the new year am I right?  She has so many other great ideas for other areas to organize as well!

Happy Organizing!


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