Get it together

This week I have decided to call Get Organized for 2013.  Those of you that know me know I have to be organized or else I come too close to having a panic attack. Obviously all of my new years resolutions revolve around getting MORE organized (sickness some may say but a wonderfully OCD indulgence I say)

What you may not know is next to weight loss, getting organized is one of the top 10 resolutions Americans make for the new year.  To get in that spirit, I will feature various projects, ideas and bloggers who can help you on getting yourself more organized for 2013.

Want to get organized but don’t know where to start?  Start with the every day tasks, to-do lists, doc appts etc.  If you find a place that you love to keep track of things it will help give you piece of mind that you aren’t forgetting anything.

A product I am featuring to kick off this fantastic week is none other than the Erin Condren Life Planner.  This was recommend to me way back in 2009 by a friend (shout out Julie) and then another one of my friends Deena encouraged me to pull the trigger and buy one back on 2011.

I am hooked! A former filofax girl this life planner was just what I needed to keep my new family’s life in order.  This planner is colorful, practical and just the right size to fit into any of my day-to-day purses.  You can pick covers from one of the many patterns, upload family photos or you can choose custom colors.

My first Erin Condren – 2011
The second one for 2012-2013 I got brave and picked my very own color palette.  Navy and Peony totally represent colors I am loving right now!

The great thing about these planners is they have both a monthly spread and weekly.  Not to mention super awesome laminated tabs.

Here is a shot of my weekly spread.  Every life planner comes with great pre-made stickers and then a few sheets of blank ones.  They are colorful and fit perfectly in the margins.  To add even more color to my planner I use Washi tape from Target to give me some pattern in my weekly layouts.
Also those of you Project Life fans out there – this is where I take all of my journalling notes to use in my various albums.  I jot down anything I want to remember from the day – color coded by family member of course!

This planner has so many other awesome features that you need to go to Erin Condren and check out her awesome video.  They are a bit pricey coming in at $50 without all the extras such as extra stickers, pen holder, pens but here is what it comes with…


– laminated, heavy duty 10mL cover for protection from daily wear and tear
– sturdy aluminum coil that will not bend & allows your planner to lay flat
– perpetual calendar for birthdays and anniversaries
– choose the start month of your Life Planner! THIS IS GREAT for people like me who function on an academic year as opposed to a calendar…in finance? plan it around your fiscal year!
– TWO-page monthly spreads
– weekly spreads divided into morning, day & night
– LAMINATED tabs for extra durability
– snap-in page holder that doubles as a ruler
– goals and to-do lists for every week and month
– 20 pages of lined and designer blank pages for notes and sketches
– 1 page for important numbers, with a backside to keep addresses handy
– 240 colorful stickers to highlight birthdays, special events and reminders – LOVE THESE
– “keep it together” folder to wrangle receipts, stamps, and other papers

– bound-in zip lock pocket with 12 gift labels and “let’s get together” cards – AMAZING!

– inspirational quotes throughout – SO FUN
*This planner measures 7.25″ x 9.25″
*This planner includes 240 pages (including tabs)
While I love my Erin Condren if it isn’t in the cards for you – no worries!  The biggest thing with organizing is finding something that works for you.  I loved filofax, I really did and I really wanted that planner to work but it just didn’t BUT my sister loves hers.  Another great planner I tried was the Quo Vadis academic planner – again another great planner but just not for me.  So experiment, find what you like and what you will keep up with, even if it is just a notebook.  Whatever works for you!
Getting organized is about taking a big task and breaking it down into smaller more manageable chunks.  If you can get the day-to-day stuff put down on paper that leaves you more brain power/space to accomplish big picture projects and ideas.  Don’t believe me? check out Elise Blaha Cripes post today and she will explain it in a much better way than I can.  Here she talks about goals vs. to-do’s.  I think you have to get past the overwhelming to-do’s to get to the big goals and with a great planner you can do just that!
Happy hunting for your new planner!



3 thoughts on “Get it together

  1. Courtney says:

    I also use the EC Life Planner. What are the purple labels you are using in your life planner? They look like they fit perfectly. Would you mind sharing where they are from?

  2. The Obsessive Crafter says:

    Hi Courtney – thanks for the question. So those purple labels are from an old (meaning at least 4 yrs now) calendar. I got rid of the calendar but had a ton of labels left in it so I took them out and saved them for another day. Since getting the EC I started using them again because they do fit just right like you said and I like that they have lines on them. I have spent the past few days searching for an alternative but unfortunately haven't found much for you but these avery labels are similar that helps – wish I could find those originals but no luck

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