Where do I begin?

By now entire modern world knows of the heartbreak in Newtown, Connecticut where 20 beautiful children and 6 amazing teachers were gunned down on Friday, December 14, 2012  for reasons we may never know.

Sandy Hook Elementary could have been Booth Free which was my elementary school growing up (and virtually the next town over).  One of those children could have been mine and those teachers were people I knew through friends.  Words cannot even begin to express how deeply saddened I am.  My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, the survivors, the siblings, the first responders and most of all the parents.

I have struggled with the blog… what to say? do I say anything?  I can’t possibly post about fun craftiness at a time like this? or can I?

Everyone grieves in their own way.

I have decided that now more than ever family matters most and so with that I am going to take the rest of 2012 off from blogging and spend time with my loved ones, recharge the creative spirit, reconnect with old friends and come back in 2013 with nothing but positive energy.

Normally, I steer clear of religion and politics on my blog but in times of pain and frustration many turn to religion to help them cope.  I will leave you with two parting thoughts/ideas based on my Jewish beliefs…

One thought that brings me comfort in regards to so many young children being lost…

A Rabbi once told me that the younger the “body” the more pure the soul is that inhabits it.  Given that every soul has a mission here on earth, when a soul is taken so young it can mean that soul’s mission is extremely holy since it was completed in such a short time.

While it may not bring comfort to everyone – I like to think that those little ones had exceptionally holy souls!

My second and last thought…

Mitzvah as defined by Wikipedia
In its secondary meaning, Hebrew mitzvah, as with English “commandment,” refers to a moral deed performed as a religious duty. As such, the term mitzvah has also come to express an act of human kindness.

Somewhere on twitter over the weekend I saw a tweet from Ann Curry I think?  and it suggested doing 20 mitzvot for the children Newtown lost.  I love that idea but I am going to amp it up and commit to completing 27 mitzvot for each victim; 2-3 per month and take a moment to remember those that lost their lives in a horrible tragedy.

The tasks aren’t going to be large and grandiose, I won’t be blogging about them either.  Judaism believes that when helping others you should never make them feel inferior for needing help so they will be anonymous.

I don’t know what they will all be but I hope you join me whether you call it a mitzvah or not to complete these good deeds, to help others in need and to remember those that lost their lives all too soon.

“One thing the departed soul can no longer do, and that is, the actual fulfillment of the commandments, which can be carried out only jointly by the soul and body together in this material world. But this, too, can at least partly be overcome when those left behind do a little more commandments and good deeds – in honor and for the benefit of the dear Neshama.” – Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson


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