Project Life: Weeks 36-42

Wow, we are getting closer – almost caught up with Project Life posts can you believe it?  2013 is just around the corner and the days are just flying by.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the great new Project Life products the perpetually awesome Becky Higgins is releasing.

Here is a shot of the right layout with an pumpkin patch insert 

Close up of the insert.  I used a Design F and cut it down to make it work for me

As you can tell I am way behind in my journaling – but I wanted to get the pictures in the album.  Some how that just makes the whole process feel much less intimidating I think.  But I have all my journaling notes ready to go so I am not worried 🙂

That wraps up weeks 36-42.  Stay tuned next week for another big Project Life update as well in an effort to finish the final weeks of 2012.
To view previous Project Life 2012 layouts visit my Project Life page!


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