Project Life Catch Up: Weeks 26-35

Back again and on a roll with trying to get back logged layouts up on the blog today.  
I think week 26 had no photos of Isabel which is definitely a first but it does include some of her artwork and a copy of her classroom schedule.

Not so much going on here – Isabel was home from school sick so I have just a few pictures and mostly artwork.  Still have to figure out what I am doing with that top empty spot.

I am really happy with how the layout below came out.  We had a lot of family stuff going on this week and it was hard to narrow them all down but I just picked my favorites

Here is proof that while I am trying to get ready for a yard sale my house actually does get messy (but man was it clean after, I love yarding things out)

Here are some shots from school. We are lucky that our teachers have a classroom camera.  At the end of each week I take the camera home and upload them to a Shutterfly Share site so all the parents can see what was happening for the week.

For the descriptive tabs on the photos I just used index cards with grid lines   Cut them to the size I wanted, rounded the edges as needed and attached them with my tiny stapler.
So there you go – caught up to week 35.  Check out the Project Life page for more of my 2012 layouts.


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