Project Life Catch Up: Weeks 20-23

So here are my layouts for weeks 20 – 23, you may notice some missing…in my effort to get them all up on my blog I have just focused on various layouts that I think are appealing.  Take a look, I will be posting a lot of backlogged weeks today!  I want a fresh start for 2013

Have you ever heard of the mom book?  For those of you that love to be creative with your kids this is a perfect gift for you.  Learn more about the concept from Real Simple (One of my all time favorite magazines)

Need to add some journaling into this layout or maybe just some solid cards – we didn’t have much going on this week.

Above to include some crayon drawings from Isabel – I just had her color on the paper and then cut out the most concentrated color to be featured.  I love to include her artwork when I can and the more colorful the better.

Finally a week where I don’t have just photos of Isabel.  This is one of my 2013 Project life resolutions.  Not that I don’t love taking and including photos of Isabel, but I want to start including more of the day-to-day aspects of our life as well.

That finishes out weeks 20-23.  Visit my Project Life page to view other 2012 layouts.


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