Hanukkah 2011

Hosting a Hanukkah Celebration The Obsessive Crafter Way.  If you are Jewish or even if you are not, you may notice it is often hard to find really cute ideas for Hanukkah out there.  Sure with the inception of Pinterest this has helped tremendously but still we are at a loss compared to all the amazing Christmas ideas out there.
Here is how I made our first Hanukkah party extra special – I’ll walk you through a few key components.

Item # 1: Gift Wrapping
I love to wrap presents – let me repeat, I LOVE to wrap presents.  I think this stems back to my childhood when my grandfather would be several hours late just because he had to have his packages and the adornments just right.  
I obsess about the seams being just right and coordinating the ribbon.  I don’t like seeing the tape so I use double sided tape to give it that professional gift wrap feel.  I also like to use one patterned paper and one solid paper when applicable.  Gift bags with coordinating tissue always come in handy especially for that odd shaped package.  
I think of gift wrapping like a thank you note, it is a true reflection of personal style. So you can use what you have or you can go all out – my advice just be true to you and do what makes you happy!  Heavy words of wisdom for gift wrapping right?  Not when you take paper seriously like I do 😉
Item #2: A little girl in a tutu
I love tutu’s even more than I love wrapping packages!  So of course I was going to make Isabel a tutu for her first Hanukkah   I used a regular elastic I picked up at Joann’s, measured her waist and then sewed it on my Brother sewing machine (seriously love that thing) then I took the darkest shade of blue tulle that I had and tied it around the elastic.  Then the next darkest shade of blue and then the lightest shade and tada! you have a tutu.
I also picked up this great flower and feather hair piece at Hobby Lobby and then attached it to the white headband I had picked up from Sam Moon

The finished product – pure cuteness!
Item #3 The Table Setting
This is probably what most of you came here to see right?  Some of you may have even seen this on pinterest thanks to the awesome peeps over at Catch My Party.  I made this super simple setting using some key Target dollar spot and non dollar spot finds.  First off you have to determine your color palette.  I wanted shades of blue, purple and silver, to put a new spin on a classic color combo.
I also decided I did not want to have a ton of dishes to do afterwards so I picked up dark blue, light blue plates, purple cups and silver plastic ware.  The table cloth is a light blue plastic cover I picked up at the party store. Then to finish the paper goods off I found those super cute menorah napkins at target.

For the centerpieces I used vases I had at home and filled them up with dollar store ornaments in my color scheme.  The ones that did not fit in the vases were sprinkled over the table.  On the table I placed over sized dreidels (target dollar spot) that I had painted on the inside to give them more color since they were transparent when I bought them.  
I also used foam Hanukkah stickers I picked up at Target as confetti   Then I placed the three menorahs we had (all with special meaning) on the table to add some variation in height.
Lastly, I wrapped toilet paper rolls with tissue paper as not only a placecard but inside they held the Hanukkah gelt – a favorite tradition of the holiday.
So there you go – my traditional/non-traditional Hanukkah table setting.  Hope this inspires those of you reading!
Happy Crafting,

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