DIY Tutorial: Diaper Cake

Diaper Cakes are a great decor addition to baby showers in my opinion.  Not only can they be super cute but they are extremely practical!  Recently I was asked to make a diaper cake with the shower theme of buttons and bows, here is my DIY tutorial on how to make a Diaper Cake the Obsessive Crafter way.
Now over the years my construction plans have been modified.  I used to roll all the diapers and wrap them individually.  That takes way too much time nowadays with a toddler.  

Step 1: Take two or three diapers lay them on top of one another and roll them into a small bundle.  Hold them together with a rubber band.  Start with the smallest layer first and then work your way down the cake.  You can always go back and add to the smaller layers if you need, but it is more work to take apart a larger layer.
Step 2: Tie some inexpensive ribbon ribbon to the rubber band and then use that to wrap the layers of diapers together. 
Step 3:  Overlap the diapers on top of one another and use the ribbon to keep them tight.  Depending on the size of your cake you may go through a lot of ribbon but that is why I use the inexpensive kind.

Step 4:  When the layer gets to your desired size go ahead and tie the ribbon too itself to secure the diapers and set aside.  Don’t worry about how it looks because you will be covering this ribbon with the more decorative kind over it.

Step 5:  Once all the layers were complete I inserted a wooden dowel into the bottom layer and then stacked the remaining layers on top by sticking the dowel through the middle of each layer.

Step 6:  For this diaper cake I knew I wanted to include a tutu that could be taken off and used for the baby later.  To create the tutu I took some elastic I had in my sewing stash and sized it according to the diaper cake (knowing it can always be resized with a simple safety pin later if needed)  Then I took tulle and just tied it around the elastic – simple as that.  For this tutu I used approximately 3.5 yds of tulle and it happened to be on sale at Hobby Lobby for $0.77 which was a bargain!  Once I was done tying all the tulle I ran it through my sewing machine to tie it all together.
Here is a shot from above with the bows and corker bow I bought from Hobby Lobby (which can be used on that cute little girl when she arrives)  Here is the final product on display at the super cute shower…
I added the “buttons” with double sided take.  They were cut in various sizes using my cricut and then a Paper Craft Studio button hole punch.  Below are some examples of other diaper cakes I have made and how you can accessorize them to match the shower or the momma!

This cake was for my sister-in-laws shower with a “Feather her nest” theme and pink, brown and green as the colors.

This cake is actually from my baby shower (yes, I made my own diaper cake because I am that crazy)  The theme was a garden party and the main color was purple.  I used artificial flowers and some baby toys to add some life to it.

Hope you enjoy – Happy Crafting!

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