Project Life: Week 17 & 18

Welcome back Project Lifers or those contemplating it šŸ˜‰  I know you are out there.  We are up to Weeks 17 & 18 and it seems like just yesterday we were living these memories.  Since we were headed to my brother-in-law’s wedding there were tons of pictures.  I use two of the Design F, which is made up of ten 3×4″ slots and one 4×6″ slot.  In order to accommodate the additional 4×6″ photos I simply cut them in half and rounded the outside corner.  I think it gives the photo a pretty cool look but you can also include epherma from the weekend like a plane ticket, place cards etc.
Left Layout

Right Layout

Week 18 looks like a bit of a mess and truth be told, I have gone back to work on this but because of time constraints I have not been able to go back and reshoot it.  For the left layout I plan to shrink the scanned artwork I have from Isabel and insert them into each of the 3×4″ pockets.

As for the right layout – I still have some journaling to do and I think if I go through my IPhone again I could probably find another vertical photo to fill that top right spot.  But here is yet another reason why this system is so great.  Me… a perfectionist can still go back and work on past weeks and that is 100% okay!

Stay tuned next week for the next project life update – 2012 is quickly coming to a close so I promise I will get the layouts up here.  Want to see previous Project Life posts? visit my Project Life page to see the collection.
Happy Crafting!


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