Project Life: Weeks 15 & 16

Catching you up on all my previous Project Life layouts is somewhat daunting, but I have to admit I am loving it.  I enjoy reading all sorts of blogs that inspire me in my layouts or my photography or even my journaling and it is really exciting to be sharing all that I put into my albums.  Working on Project Life you really do feel like you are part of one big happy family, it’s really kind of great!

We are up to Weeks 15 & 16 take a look…

Week 15:

I am actually still working on this week,  it took me awhile to narrow down the photos I wanted to include since this week documents Isabel’s first trip to the children’s museum.  Not too many inserts and a few stories to tell, which you can be sure I have them written down in my planner to go over later.

Right Layout

Left Layout

Week 16:
This week also covers a lot since we were preparing to travel to New Jersey for a family wedding.  I tried to include some shots of Isabel hanging out in her playroom and then some shots of our arrival

Left Layout
Right Layout
Here are some shots of family and friends that were there for the celebrations.  Thats about it for Weeks 15 & 16 stay tuned for the next installment coming soon!
Happy Crafting!


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