Project Life: Weeks 13 & 14

Another week, another project life layout.  Since I am now somewhere around week 45ish looking back at my early layouts gets me even more inspired.  Looking back at these weeks I was just getting into a groove and still all this time later I am still happy with them (you may notice I say that a lot… but being OCD it is tempting to go back and change things… for some things I do but for most I don’t feel the need which is huge!)

Onto the layouts…
Week 13 – Full Layout
I really love looking at this week – the way the star invitation comes across mixed in with photos from home while I was away at a conference and things I saw while I was away.  I think it is one of my more diverse layouts.
I included notes to my husband while I was away, my packing list and a momento of my SUPER weak showing while gambling on the slot machines.
Week 14 – Lots of Inserts
This week covered Passover, Birthday photos and visits from family so I had to do my best to include it all.  You will notice since I had three rather large 4×6″ photos that were all vertical and couldn’t be cut down I used all but one slot of the sheet protector.  To get my journaling in about all my photos I used two of the same card and let the story continue.  Not my favorite but now looking at it – not the worst either.
Left Layout

Right Layout with inserts

Right Layout without inserts

What do you think?  Have I sold you on starting Project Life yet?  If not check out my previous posts here or find out more at


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