Makeup Organizing Ideas

When I first started blogging a friend suggested doing a post on makeup organizing… while I was still figuring out the direction I wanted the blog to take, I knew I wanted to come back to this.

What better time than before the holidays, where we are running from holiday party to dinner party to kids school party or just trying to buy some gifts.  Here are some great ways I found via pinterest to organize your makeup and cut down on that party prepping stress by having everything you need at your fingertips.

Organizing Project #1 Brushes:

In my non-professional opinion brushes are critical to amazing makeup application.  I invested in some high quality brushes about 5 years ago and with regular maintenance (i.e. cleaning, storing etc) they are still great!

Check out this post from Brunch at Saks where Annemarie talks about cleaning up her vanity with this great DIY idea

You could make this as simple or elaborate as you want.  To make this wonderfully girly I would head to the craft store to get some strands of pearls to fill the vase with or even some have super cute diamond vase fillers in all sorts of great colors you could use instead of beans.
Organizing Project #2 Shadows, Powders and Mascaras:
I found this great magnetic makeup board at the DurbFamily Photobucket feed
I would most definitely need a bigger board than this but look how it covers everything (including a jar full of pearls at the bottom)  While this image didn’t come with specific DIY instructions you can find some great steps via Lifehacker
Organizing Project #3 Nail Polishes:
What an awesome way to store nail polishes!  This way you can actually see all of the colors you have and it is as simple as buying a spice rack.   I found this one via The Daily Makeover
Don’t like the look of this one?  There are so many products out there, you could get a wire rack and spray paint it with crackly paint to get that shabby chic look.  Wrought Iron your thing?  You can find all sorts of those out there like this one on amazon.
Organizing Project #4 Hair Appliances:
I personally hate how much space a blow dryer, selection of curling irons, flat irons and set of hot rollers takes up in my bathroom.  Try these two options for great ways to save space and get everything organizing all at the same time.
This post from Family Handyman is great and gives you everything you need to be able to do this yourself.
Does the sound of PVC piping overwhelm you?  Well try this option then from A Bowl full of Lemons blog, a simple over the door shower basket that you can use under your sink to store a few of the bulkier hair appliances.
Organizing Project #5 Drawers:
If you don’t have a lot of wall space check out this great way to store things beautifully inside a vanity drawer.
This idea is courtesy of Brunch at Saks.  Use a pretty drawer liner and then some fun decorative plates and you can really make it a visually appealing storage solution.  You could also use vintage tea cups, plates or even small bowls.  The possibilities are endless and who wouldn’t feel great opening up a drawer to something that pretty?
That’s all for makeup organizing ideas for now – I hope you got some inspiration from these great, non-expensive, super easy DIY projects.  These storage ideas are a great way to spread a little bit of your personal style into your organizing, enjoy.
Happy Organizing!
P.S. Want to see more of my organizing ideas check me out on Pinterest


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