Project Life: Weeks 11 & 12

Hello there again, this post is late – super late in my opinion but you know what life gets in the way sometimes.  Anyhow here we are weeks 11 & 12 the last two weeks to be featured as part of the Project Life kickoff week.

From here on out Project Life will be a weekly feature on my blog as opposed to daily.  I plan to catch you up quickly but working in 2-4 week intervals depending.  Quite frankly I think my album has gotten better as it continues.  I am more confident in the method, my layout choices and my photos as well.  So keep coming back you will be in for a treat!

But moving on without further ado here are weeks 11 & 12:
Week 11:

This was a great week – Isabel and I made Jason his birthday present so it was filled with arts and crafts.  Below you will see the left layout and 2 inserts I included.  The first insert is a vertical 12×12″ (non Project Life product) sheet protector I cut down to just 4×6″ to include the picture from Jason’s birthday dinner.  The other protector is a Project Life 6×12″ sheet protector cut down to size to fit the birthday card I made for Jason.

Here is the right side layout with the inserts.  To celebrate Isabel’s first birthday we made a mess and did her very first canvas painting.  She started out fully clothed and as the painting progressed it got easier just to leave her in the diaper.

For the back side of the 2 inserts you will see the image of an ipad and journaling card.  Jason actually bought me a Ipad as a surprise because I was so excited about the new iphoto features.  You will see the little dinosaur which was Isabel’s birthday card to Jason.

Week 12:

Here is the left layout and and the two inserts.  We were finally able to get together with all the family to celebrate Jason’s birthday.  Here I included shots of the cake I designed that Not Your Everyday Cakes made for him.  I also included a shot from my Fuji Instax Camera.

For the two inserts, I again used the 12×12″ vertical sheet protector cut down to fit the 4×6 photo of Isabel.  I also included a copy of the budget spread sheet I had been working on at work.  For any of you who know me, you know I can’t stand numbers so this was a serious point of focus for the week so  I thought it would be good to include it.

That is one thing I recommend to make your Project Life album well balanced.  Include snapshots of life outside the house or your family.  Current events or weather are all great things to include.  In the early layouts I wasn’t so great at including these things but with recent events like Hurricane Sandy and the Election I have made sure to add them to recent layouts.
Onto the right layout.  Here are some varied shots one of which includes a photo of my outfit.  I have to  say I see all the bloggers who post their OOTD (outfit of the day) and am always inspired but never apply it to real life.  So I thought I would take a chance.

You can see just how obsessive I really am, here in this shot of me preparing Isabel’s food and beverage needs while I went out of town on a business trip (literally 3 days people)  Do I do this for my husbands sake? A little bit, it is mostly to make myself feel better – I know he would be fully capable but it just calms my ocd to prepare like this.
Well that is it another 2 weeks down and Project Life kickoff week officially concluded.  Share some thoughts on how you like to see the layouts, do you want me to talk more about materials, thoughts, journaling – you tell me.
Thanks for reading and Happy Crafting!


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