Project Life – Weeks 9 & 10

Welcome back!  Here is Project Life Weeks 9 & 10
Week 9:
This weeks layout featured Isabel’s birthday party at school.  Here I included some scanned artwork and a thank you note.  For the sheet protector I simply cut a 4 x 6″ down to size and punch a hole to let it go through the binder rings.  Pretty simple layout but gets the job done.

left layout

right layout with thank you note insert
Week 10:
This week we had a big family event and my niece Brooke received her Hebrew name, so there are a lot of posed shots here but I think it accurately captures the day.  I also included the invitation (cut down to size to fit 4 x 6″)

left layout

Right layout with journal insert for Isabel’s first Purim.  I used the same method for this sheet protector as I did above for the thank you note.

Right layout underneath the insert.  Here is a copy of the blessing that Jason, Isabel and I read at the ceremony.
Simple week but well documented!  I love that the sheet protectors give you so many opportunities to include special pictures or momentos.
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Stay tuned for tomorrow the last day of Project Life kickoff week!
Happy Crafting!


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