Project Life: Weeks 7 & 8

It’s that time again… welcome back to Project Life, this time weeks seven and eight!  If you have been joining me daily on our Kickoff week of Project Life thanks so much for your support.  If you are just joining the party take a look at my previous posts here 

Week Seven:

I ended up with more “journaling” than I normally do and that is great!  It was a rather slow week as we were gearing up for Isabel’s first birthday party.  I have included several shots from school and even a piece of her artwork that I scanned and then had printed via  
I love the 4×6″ folded notecards. If you want to feature a photo (like I did with Isabel reading her birthday card, 2nd layout bottom left) but your journaling needs more space than just the 3×4″ card you can fold it up and split the pocket and the photo. Bonus! Then after time passes you can go back and pull it out (almost like a secret message to yourself or your family)

Week Eight:

Here it is – the week of Isabel’s first birthday party!  I did not include a ton of the setup shots of the party simply because I plan to feature that in her baby book (also created using the Project Life format)  This week I included shopping lists, photos and an Ali Edwards Week in the Life Daily sheet.  Since it was my husband’s turn to stay home with Isabel I used it as a way to write out her schedule and any notes I had for him – great right?
So there is another two weeks documented.  I have to say I love this method, each time I go back and look at the layouts I am always happy (where I was always hypercritical of my 12×12 layouts)  Stay tuned tomorrow for the next installment featuring weeks 9 & 10.
Can’t wait and thank you all for your support – since adding project life to my blog I have received record numbers of page views which is great… NOW share how great Project Life is with all your friends!
Happy Crafting!


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