Project Life: Weeks 3 & 4

Welcome back to my Project Life feature…

Week Three: 
The image in the middle of the page on the top layout (celery on a cutting board) is truly one of my favorites and this is what I meant when I said, Project Life has changed my photography.  In the past I would have never taken a photo while chopping veggies for dinner.  But the inspiration hit and I had to go with it.
I also probably would have never included that picture of Isabel while yawning, but that coupled with her pose summed up that sick day we had at home!  I have included a few inserts like the monthly update sheet from school and another one of her daily sheets since she fell off her cot (poor thing)
Week Four:
Isabel had her first kiss.  I used to leave a camera in her classroom so that they could take photos of the kids, it paid off big time since they were able to document the smooch.  Now if these two ever get married we have a super cute slide show beginning!
The right side of this layout captures what was going on at work, what my day to day looks like with prescriptions for Isabel and washing her bottles.  I also included an excerpt from Project Life Creative Team member Monica McNeill’s Blog.  I highlighted a few significant phrases one being “I am no longer going through the motions.  This awareness of life around me allows me to see…”  
I printed that out because it really speaks to how I am enjoying Project Life and looking at my life differently.  Thanks Monica for expressing exactly how I feel!
Hope you have enjoyed looking at weeks three and four!  Take a look back at weeks 1-2
Happy Crafting!

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