Project Life, the scrapbook method that changed my life

Almost two years ago while I was on maternity leave, I stumbled onto a blog by Ali Edwards.  Ali is well known in the scrapbooking industry for her books, stamps, projects and more.  One project she was working on caught my eye, it was called Project Life.

I went through her entire Project Life section of her blog and then headed over to Becky Higgins website, she was the mastermind behind this very new scrapbooking concept.  I checked her entire website on Project Life and then I looked at the products on Amazon.  I kept toying with this idea of a two page layout for each week, since the 1 photo everyday didn’t really fit my style.

Could I keep up with it?  Would I have enough to fill it?  Is it what I really want to do?  I loved the old way of scrapbooking but could never find the time or was too drained from completing a page!  So this internal battle took place for almost 6 months.  Then Chanukah came and I got a gift card to Amazon.  This was it I was going to do it… but I was filled with doubt and uncertainty that it wouldn’t look as good as those that post them online, or I would fall behind or I don’t know it would just sit on a shelf and collect dust?

Boy, was I worried for nothing!

Completing Project Life over the past year has changed my entire perspective on capturing my day to day life.  With photography as a hobby, Project Life made me rethink my photography not only the technical things like composition and lighting but most importantly the subject matter.  I try not to include posed photos anymore instead, I include photos of the details, the expressions or even ticket stubs, letters, receipts anything really!

I keep daily notes on what my family does… the highlights, the struggles and of course the milestones!

Most importantly, if I fall behind (which is often) I don’t feel guilty anymore.  You know why?  Because I have the notes in my planner, the photos on my phone or computer or camera and in a few short hours I know I can make significant progress at catching up.

Unlike my days of the full 12″x12″ layout where I would do 1 or 2 pages and be creatively drained, after getting through months worth of photos in Project Life I am recharged and want to keep going even if I am out of printed photos.

I am excited to announce that I am finally ready to be able to share my project life layouts with you here, hopefully weekly!

I hope that you find as much inspiration in this method of memory keeping as I have and I look forward to sharing my journey with this process!


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