Isabel’s Monster Bash Part 3: Food

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a party with good food?  Well it is kind of hard when there are toddlers around and some might have allergies, some parents may have specific preferences on what they eat and some may keep kosher.  It is always my goal with any party I do to have at little something for everyone.  Read on to see what I included for Isabel’s monster bash…

I searched Pinterest high and low for cute food ideas for the halloween party and my menu changed several times.  Here is what I actually went with and also the links to the original ideas I saw on Pinterest.  You should know that I did not follow the steps of the original links much at all, I really just went based on visual inspiration.

First Up… Baked Apple Slices

The original recipe can be found here…

Notice what I did differently? I cut them into thin slices before coring them (note to self probably will use a mandolin next time for slice consistency) then using a mini Wilton cookie cutter, I cut either a leaf shape or apple shape to core the apple (I used the apple cutter if the core was larger, leaf shape if it was smaller)  I think they turned out well and they were a great healthy option and super easy to do!

If you remember the invites to this party featured Frankenstein so I had to be sure to include it somewhere in the food.  I saw these chocolate covered marshmallows and made my own version, using those handy edible Wilton googlie eyes they sell in the baking section.  You can see I used some black cake icing and a toothpick to add a mouth and some scars to each of the frankenpops!

Now onto the yummy merengues.  I was originally going to use these as eyeballs on the Pumpkin spice lattes like on these smoothies but it was much harder to shape them without a piping bag than I thought.  I didn’t use a specific recipe but the key is making sure you whip them into “stiff peaks” to get them to tast super delish.

Owls are super trendy right now and who hasn’t seen these amazing cupcakes floating around the blogosphere?  I decided to take a go at it and instead of using oreo’s, I used chocolate Who Nu’s.  For the eyes instead of M & M’s I used a tube of cake icing.  For the nose I substituted the M & M’s again for candy corn, since I had them already for another project you will see in a minute.

Another super easy project was these orange pumpkins.  I just used an old sharpie to draw pumpkin like faces on them.  Check out the inspiration here
These frankenstein ice cream cones were an awesome idea!  All I had to do was decorate them and then fill them with chex mix.  They were a big hit with the kids and some even nibbled on the cone when the chex mix was all gone.  Even though I couldn’t find the green ones in the inspiration “pin” I think these came out great!
Now if you want to know what the big hit with the adults was, I would have to say it is these Pumpkin Spice “Lattes” Note that I used coffee instead of espresso and this is the ONE recipe that I did indeed follow off of Pinterest.
The make ahead suggestion the original pin gives you is great but I have to say if you are going to blend it together, instead of using a blender I would use and immersion blender if you have it.  Trying to get this in and out of my blender proved to be super messy and the batch that I did use the immersion blender on, came out much frothier as well.  Also, I served these on top of a warming tray I have and then people could add the whip cream and dash of pumpkin spice if they wanted.  That way even at the end of the party they were still warm!
As I said before owls are super trendy right now and I am sure this is another image you have seen floating around are owl smores.  Amy Locurto of Living Locurto came up with this awesome idea and you can look at her original post on how to make them here.  This was my attempt and some of them defintely came out great, but if I did this again I would somehow find a way to up the chocolate content, but thats me.

Last but certainly not least are my mom’s sugar cookies which I cut to look like pumpkins.  I am going to choose not to share her recipe since it has been fine tuned over many years and I would like to think it is a family secret.  I will just say that people often refer to this cookies as “sugar cakes” and they taste even better a day after they have been frosted.  In the frosting department I did not do my mom justice – it was much runnier than hers ever is, but I am not the baker in the family thats for sure!
Here are just some overview shots of the food table.  I also included fresh uncut fruit (since anyone can eat it, particularly those that keep kosher) and individual boxed kosher raisins.

Oh wait! two more things – first those white things are mummy pops (cake balls dipped in white chocolate with milk chocolate eyes) and two always leave some un-frosted cake balls, cupcakes or cookies (we have some younger kids that can have the cake but the frosting is just too much sugar for them)  I know my friends always appreciate the options (and it saves you time too!)

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