Isabel’s Monster Bash Part 1: Invitations

If you follow The Obsessive Crafter on facebook you know that Isabel (my daughter) will be hosting her first Halloween party this year.  This is the first post in a three part series of how the whole party will come together.

The first essential element to any party is the invite.  It not only tells people critical details about the party but it really sets the tone for the whole event.  Looking around pinterest one night I happened to come across this pin…

It really got my ideas flowing and I knew that I wanted the theme of the party to be a monster bash (how lucky am I that my daughter is still young enough that I get to pick the theme, won’t last for long)

I headed over to Hobby Lobby to pick up the felt.  I knew I wanted really bright, saturated colors to pop with the traditional black of Halloween that I would be incorporating into the decor.
My first step was to take each piece of 8.5″ x11″ felt and fold it in half.  I then it down into two pieces using my pinking sheers (what gives it that great triangle edge)  I then cut around the entire piece to make sure it was square and lined up nicely.

Out comes the handy Brother Sewing machine and using hot pink thread I sewed a small pocket that the invitation would slip into.
Then using Aleene’s tacky glue I glued the googly eyes onto the felt.  As you can see I did several different patterns so that each invite would be different for each family.  To create the mouths I used some good old fashioned puffy paint.  I let both the eyes and the puffy paint dry overnight.
Once everything was dry, I printed out the actual invite card which roughly measures 3″x4.” I printed the front and back next to each other and then just folded the paper in half and secured with double sided tape.  I did it this way since I was working with a difficult printer and that was just the easy way to get it all printed.
The frankenstein graphic is something I did freehand in photoshop.  Not my best work but I love the look and feel of it.  The back of the invite where all the details are I matched the color to frankenstein’s hair from the front and used a fun font called SSFun.
So there is the finished product – I think they came out super cute, they set the perfect tone for the party coming up and I have gotten tons of positive comments on them!
Stay tuned for the next post in the series – Isabel’s Monster Bash: Decor
Want to see some of the ideas I am finding for this party via pinterest?  Check out my Isabel’s Monster Bash board!
Happy Crafting!

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