DIY Tutorial: Diaper Changing Pad

After Isabel was born I went out and bought a changing pad to add to the stash in her diaper bag.  I was looking for something somewhat gender neutral and that would coordinate with her navy accented boat and tote diaper bag.  I found this gray and orange one at Target and it served it’s purpose.  However, as Isabel has grown, my needs for a diaper pad have changed…meaning I don’t need to use it as much.  So I decided to spice it up a little.  Here is how I altered it…

I used some old fabric I had lying around (you may recognize those polka dots) and I did a rough cut/sewing (right sides facing each other) to get the hang of the fabric (the white stuff has a bumpy non-slip texture) so then I laid it back out to trim the corners.
I left an opening on the side to slip the old diaper pad into once I flipped the fabric right side out.  I then just used some pink thread to sew up the opening.

Then the pad folded back the way it always had (pre-update) and tied it with a cute pink and green grosgrain ribbon and its complete!
A quick (took maybe an hour) and cute update to a diaper pad that was well deserving!
Posted in: DIY

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