Party Planning: David’s First Birthday

Back in August a dear friend of mine asked me to help her with her son David’s first birthday party.  She wanted to be my first official client and I jumped at the offer to work with her because not only do I love her but I knew we would work really well together.  The theme of David’s birthday was a barnyard bash of sorts based off the petting zoo and pony rides that were going to be at the party.  
Read on to see more pictures and how we made this amazing party happen!

Lets start off with the overall look of the day.  Red, blue, burlap, gingham and bandanas were the accent colors, patterns and textures we used to tie the decor together. 
Centerpieces on the kids tables consisted of Mason Jars, a strip of Burlap, a torn strip of red and off white gingham (both found at Joann’s) and Sunflowers.  The combination of the yellow, red and brown really were set off nicely by the bandana pattern linens.
Each child got their own boxed lunch that my friend put together herself.  For lunch we served the kids mac and cheese, a turkey roll-up sandwich and a pouch of those super convenient organic applesauces.  I took the barn logo I made for David and increased the size via photoshop to print out and then cut into circles.  I then used my cricut to cut out the scalloped circle to place behind the white logo circle.  Again, just another great way to tie the theme and color scheme into the details of the event.  They also got to take home their own bandanas and cowboy hats that she found via Oriental Trading.  
For the food display I made this burlap runner, the photo banner, cupcake toppers and the santizer wipe labels.  The photos were layered with solid yellow paper then either red or blue gingham topped with the photo of the birthday boy.  I used a blue grosgrain ribbon I had in my stash to weave through the hole punches I made in order to hang it up. 
The cupcake toppers are variations on the logos I made layered on top of gingham paper found at Hobby Lobby and then I stuck a toothpick in between and used double sided tape to piece it all together.
For the santizer cans I measured out the size I wanted wrapped the gingham around the can, secured with double sided tape (I hate tape seams!) then I placed a logo on the front and wrapped contact paper around it.  I knew with messy hands I didn’t want the cans to get messed up by some moisture and the contact paper did the trick.
Here is another shot where you can see the runner, banner and decor of the “adult” food table.  Notice again how we tied in the bandanas, burlap and added another favorite component of mine, galvanized pails!
Now onto the beverage table… Again you will see the repeat elements of bandana, red, galvanized and here we added the ever popular “milk” glasses aka frappacino glasses.  These beverage dispensers are the same one’s I used at Isabel’s birthday party back in February.  They were around $20 at Garden Ridge Pottery and have totally earned their keep.  For the frappacino glasses I am lucky enough to have a friend (shout out Amy) who saves her old ones for me so I don’t have to use my calories saving up these great party glasses.

Here is how we wrapped the juice boxes.  I added some gingham paper and then a logo in the coordinating color.  Love how these came out!

For the mini-water bottles I used another logo to tie in more yellow and red and I think they look great. I wrapped a solid color around the bottle then used double sided tape to stick the logo on.

Onto the Frappacino glasses – here I used my Xyron to put adhesive on the back of the logos to get them to stick onto the glass because they were so big.  While it worked really well at the time – they were a super pain to take off so I won’t be doing that again!

For the straws I searched Houston high and low for the red/white stripped paper straws and found no retail store that offers that color combo – If someone out there reading knows of a place – PLEASE let me know!  I improvised and made gingham flags with the leftover scraps I had from other projects and again wrapped them around the straw and stuck them with double sided tape.
Another great project I worked on with my cricut was this birthday banner for the little guy’s high chair.  Not only did it look great but the animals are just so super cute I mean how can you not love that little cow.  I used the Create a Critter cartridge for the animals and then for all signs I used the Storybook font.  Take a look at all the great activities David’s mom had planned out…

Farmer’s Market where you could plant seeds and pay for them on your way out

For all the signs I made them out of Foam board and then wrapped them in a wood backdrop you can get from any teacher supply store – I found this at Michaels actually.  Then I wrapped the board in contact paper to make it a bit more sturdy.  Taped the two boards together with red duct tape and then added the letters I cut out on the cricut with double sided tape.

Happy Birthday David!  It was so much fun working with your mom on your special day!

Do you live in Houston?  Need help with a birthday party?  Let me know and maybe I can help!


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