I Saw it on Pinterest: Apple Pie Recipe

Some of you may be wondering where the posts have been for the past few weeks… Well the Jewish Holiday season is upon us and that left tons of great blog posts but no time to put them together.  Here is one of my favorites….

Apples are synonymous with the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah and for our Rosh Hashanah family dinner I volunteered to make a dessert.  I searched Food Gawker and Pinterest and here is what I decided on – apple pies inside the apple.  Want more Jewish Holiday ideas check out my Jewish Holiday board on Pinterest

Now I have to disclose that I am a super picky eater #1 and #2 thanks to my wonderful mom and sister who are amazing bakers I am quite an apple pie snob.  But these made delicious treats from an amateur baker like myself.
I first washed the apples in water and apple cider vinegar (it is my go to veggie washing method and keeps them lasting a super long time) I also scrubbed them with my veggie scrubber.

After they were dried off I sliced the tops off and began to hollow out the apple with my melon baller.  It worked so well, my tip is to make sure you are extra careful because those melon ballers cut through the skin very easily if you are not careful you will put a hole in them.

As I scooped out the apples, I separated the usable pieces from the cores that I threw away.  I then followed the recipe to add the cinnamon and sugar and definitely used more than the recipe called for because I based it on taste of the apple pies I am used to.

Now here is where I went very wrong.  I was not paying attention as we were shopping and totally missed the pre-made pie crusts that aren’t already in a pie shape/pan.  So with a very curious toddler and a husband ready to be done with shopping this is what I ended up with.

I took them out of their tin and let them thaw a bit, then sliced them into strips.  I did not get the consistent size I wanted and some were softer than others.  When you decide to do this make sure you get regular pie crust or make your own if you are ambitious.

I wove the pie crusts on the counter and then laid them over the apples with a spatula and trimmed them with a knife.  That was a lot easier then trying to weave them on the actual apple.

I then put them in a cake pan with a bit of water in the bottom covered with foil and baked at 375 for 25 min then removed the foil and baked them for another 20 min.

I scooped a bit of vanilla ice cream and voila a delicious, good looking, small portion of dessert that hit the spot!

Download the recipe in PDF form here

What is your favorite good looking dessert you or someone in your family make?


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