Product of the Week: Contact Paper

I ask: Who does not love contact paper?  You ask: why should I love contact paper?  Well if you have 5 min let me tell you all the great uses… it isn’t just for lining drawers anymore!

My addiction to contact paper started in college – weird right?  Well I was one of those nerds who wanted my uber expensive books covered/protected but didn’t want to look like a big old geek.  So that is when I found the holy grail of book covering products – Contact Paper…
I use a very specific kind that has a mat finish, I do not like the glossy because if you pull it the wrong way it leaves a very visible blemish in the paper and then in my mind I have to start all over.

This can be found in Target Stores for under $10
How do I use this wonder product you ask?
I use it to cover Isabel’s books, board books, hardcover, softcover you name it if it is a book of hers I cover it to protect it from all the wear and tear.  Thanks to a great friend (shout out time Amy) we abide by the motto “Books are Precious” so I go to great lengths to teach her about how to treat a book (which is a whole other post for another time)  Recently she LOVES to turn the pages, well the first and last pages were beginning to rip, get beat up etc… all I did was tape up the tear and cover the first and last page with the contact paper and voila! Toddler proof.
I also use it to laminate things like tabs on my planner… again nerdy I know! but its a way to be nerdy without fear of mocking from others…you know who you are
Another way to use it is for Isabel at school they asked the parents to put together an all about me book – LOVE THIS IDEA so what I am I going to do to preserve it for longevity in the classroom? cover the pages with contact paper of course… then all those little fingers can’t rip out pictures or tear the pages.
Contact paper also “laminates” all our family memberships to the zoo, Children’s museum etc.  That way they can bear the brunt of wallets and diaper bags.
I don’t use it in the traditional way but I definitely am always trying to find new ways to use contact paper.  Do you have any ways you use it or hope to use it?  So have I convinced you are you going out to buy some contact paper yet?
Happy Crafting!

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