How to organize your kids toys Part 3: Bedroom

How to organize your kids toys is a 3 part series check out my first post on toy organizing in the living room here and the second post on organizing toys in the bathroom here

Okay folks here it is the last post in the 3 part series.  The last main space that kids toys often end up is in their bedroom, especially if you don’t have a dedicated playroom.  How do you manage to store all the toys?  Here are some things I use that might just help you out…

#1 Candy Jars (in stores only) found at Target

These quite honestly were one of the best purchases I made for Isabel’s room.  As you can see I use them to store q-tips, fabric headbands, extra diaper creams, lotions etc.  These are awesome and are super easy to open and close.

#2 Bookcase from Ikea (no longer available)

We bought this because we realized we would need some sort of table to set bottles, books etc.  We ended up getting this because I knew it could grow with Isabel and be used later for books, toys and more.  You can adjust the shelves to the levels you want and you can add legs if you wish but we were fine just setting it on the floor as is.

#3 Canvas Bins also found at Target

I found these canvas bins at Target and unfortunately there were a bit more expensive then I wanted to pay but they have held up and have been worth it.  To make the bins look more custom and match my daughter’s room I used hot glue and fabric to cover them.  I use them to store diapers, burp cloths, bibs, shoes, receiving blankets pretty much anything.  They are great – I love them and I can always recover them to match whatever her room may end up looking like.  Most importantly bins like this are perfect for holding TOYS.

#4 Shelving and/or a Hutch

Depending on your child’s furniture you could use either shelves or a hutch.  When we were picking out her furniture I intentionally picked a dresser that came with a hutch because I knew we would want the storage.  This hutch has been a tremendous help for holding all the important knick knacks and curios that Isabel has received as gifts over the year(s) Toys that she may one day play with but is probably just a bit young for.   As well as fitting the candy jars and mini baskets perfectly we always have space for what she needs.  I highly recommend adding a hutch to your existing dresser if possible and if not check out some stores like Home Depot or Lowes and get some DIY shelving to use for extra storage.

#5 Coat hangers

Now I know this really doesn’t hold the toys per-say but it does help display various “sentimental” items for Isabel.  I am a big believer in displaying those sentimental items instead of just storing them away and both Isabel’s blanket (made from her great grandmother’s wedding dress) and her Hebrew Naming dress (made by my mom from fabric from my wedding dress) are part of Isabel’s special heritage so why not proudly display that.

I also use coat hangers to display and sort her many pairs of sunglasses (see the hutch picture above).  This is not only practical but unique and quite fun if you ask me.

#6 Other furniture

I use Jason’s old rocking chair as a place to store Isabel’s stuffed animals of choice.  I only put a few in at a time because I rotate all her toys, but you can put dolls, animals etc.  If you have a glider or ottoman you could do the same thing with stuffed animals or blankets over the back of the chair or on the ottoman (see my photo above for the quilt over the ottoman)

#7 Closet Shelving and Sterlite Show Off bins – I found these ones at Walmart

I use these Sterlite containers to store all bottles, pacifiers and anything else she may have outgrown but could be used if baby #2 ever comes to be.  These could be used to hold small toys as your kids get older or they could hold arts and crafts supplies or even outgrown clothing like socks, onesies and more.  Not only do they lock nicely but they stack so well which really makes the most of your space if you have decent ceiling height.

If you have closet shelves you could use old diaper boxes to store toys as well and just label them with some tape or paper.  You say you are feeling ambitious?  Then check out this great tutorial for how to repurpose diaper boxes into pretty storage boxes – if this doesn’t inspire you to rethink those diaper boxes I don’t know what will.

#8 Baby Boxes found at Michaels

These were actually left over centerpieces from Isabel’s Hebrew Naming Ceremony right after she was born.  My mother-in-law bought them so that we could use them for storage after then event.  They are a high quality wood and they have sturdy rope handles on the ends.  I use these for storing tons of odds and ends in Isabel’s closet.  But again these could always be repainted to suit your child’s room.  The best part about getting these at Michaels is you can use a coupon!

I hope you found these products and ideas helpful.  If you have more organizing questions feel free to comment here or let me know via The Obsessive Crafter Facebook Page!

Happy Organizing!


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