How to organize your children’s toys part 2: The Bathroom

How to organize your children’s toys in the Bathroom (this is the second installment of a three part series, for Part 1 of How to organize your children’s toys part 1: Living Room click here)

We are super lucky that we do not share a bathroom with Isabel, but because I am obsessive… all her toys are put away each night after her bath.  Here is how I do it…

Decorative towels are hung on the towel rack, every day towels go in the closet

Wash cloths are separated based on size/texture (I still need to do something else with these, they way they sit there really bothers me… hmmm maybe some new bins or baskets?)

Guest hand towels and wash cloths get stored in this great basket I picked up at a store closing sale.

Found this great bin at the dollar store, this is where I put all her toys when they aren’t being used.  While old towels that are too small for her are stored in the back out of the way.

Don’t have extra cabinets or closet?  Think about getting a sturdy space saver to place over the toilet to help you out.  Here is a great one from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Need more space than that, try this Simple Human shower organizer from The Container store to help keep things sorted.

If you don’t have shelf space but have drawer space here are several great products you can use to organize your drawers.  Just make sure products are only placed in here when dry or else they might lead to mildew and no one wants that!

Skubb box with compartments from Ikea

Shallow drawer organizers from Container Store – these would be great for q-tips, tweezers, finger nail clippers etc.

These Plastic Grid Baskets would be great for a deep drawer or under the sink

What about this creative option? An over the door shoe organizer… you can roll up towels & wash cloths to store them or put shampoos and bath wash or even the toys themselves.  This literally takes up no space at all!  Check out this one at Container Store

Next up will be the final installment – organizing children’s toys in their own bedroom stay tuned for that one!
Happy Organizing!


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