Top Ten: Items for your "stash"

Everyone has their own favorite ways to craft.  Some like to craft with jewelry, fabric, paper, clay and much more.  With each new method of crafting you take on the bigger your “stash” gets.  What do I mean by “stash”? Its everything you purchase or are gifted in order to complete your crafts.

This post is for those of you out there who have yet to determine what your favorite way to craft is or maybe those of you who are making a switch to a new method.  Here are my top ten items you need for any “stash”

10. Sewing Machine:
This DOES NOT, I repeat DOES NOT have to be some fancy, expensive sewing machine.  You can find used ones, buy old floor models from stores like Jo-ann’s etc.  I have this great Brother machine and it works for all my basic needs with fabric and paper!  A sewing machine may not seem essential but it gives you tons of versatility in your crafting.

9. Cutting Mat:
Whether you are using an exacto or just trying to draw straight lines this really helps with just about anything you may need to work on.  You can always find various sizes on sale at Jo-ann’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s etc.  They don’t have to be huge either I have this EK Success 13″x13″ and it is perfect.

8. Scissors:
May seem silly but a nice pair of scissors will make all the difference in the world.  I have one pair of these Fiskar’s for fabric only and then several other pairs that I use for paper, cutting open packages etc.

7. Colorful Writing Implements:
To describe to you how much I love writing implements would take days and I could probably write several thousand posts on markers alone.  Everyone needs colorful markers, pens or pencils in their “stash”  This is a non-negotiable item folks!  Here are only 3 of my many favorite things to use:

6. Stickers:
Let’s face it, stickers are always fun.  You can often find them on sale or in the “dollar-spot” at various stores.  OR better yet at the office supply store! Even the color coding labels below can be used to give a fun polka dot effect to just about anything.  No need to spend big money on them but if you like to send out holiday cards think about jazzing them up a bit with some stickers on the outside.  Better yet do what my Grammie used to do and send us a few sheets of stickers in our holiday cards (think Thanksgiving, Valentines and so on)

5. Ribbon:
Ribbon particularly grosgrain is one of my favorite things.  This is another item that you can pick up in various “dollar-spots,” party stores and so on.  Never be afraid to have too much ribbon in your arsenal, it can always dress up a package, wine bottle, plate of cookies etc.

Even more variety can be found at Jo-ann’s

4. Paint:
Now this can get tricky because there are SO many different kinds of paint.  I recommend acrylic craft paint that you can buy at Michael’s, Jo-ann’s or Hobby Lobby.  I don’t buy the cheapest which can be sold for less than a dollar, because I find that those colors are usually runny.  I go with a middle of the road, little bit over $1 craft paint.  Now each store has different brands but I find that Delta Creative or Delta Ceramcoat works the best for small decorative projects.  They are cheap investment, I stock up whenever they are on sale and they last forever, clean up super easy with just soap and water and cover well.

3. Post-Its:
Who can resist a great post-it?  I surely cannot!  Post-its are a great addition to your stash because you can use them to mark where you want photos to go (or make a reminder of which ones to print)  You can organize pieces of your stash with them, you could even make art work out of them if you wanted. Whatever you use them for post-its are on this girls must-have list!

2. Paper:
Now this isn’t your regular printer paper here I am talking about.  I am talking about colored paper, textured paper, wrapping paper, tissue paper, “scrapbook” paper.  Whatever decorative papers you have around the house can all come in handy at some point for a project you may be working on.  Get them into a centralized location and you are on your way.  Are you thinking I don’t have that type of paper and I don’t want to spend a fortune buying it?  Well scope out the dollar stores, the dollar bins at places like Target and Michaels.  Better yet shop the clearance racks at Michaels, Joann’s or Hobby Lobby.  I almost never pay full price for my paper because either I find it in clearance or I use a coupon!  But paper of any kind is a must for your stash!

1. Hot Glue Gun:
Well if this isn’t the piece de resistance I don’t  know what is.  I think it is safe to say you can ask any crafter what is the number one essential in their stash and we would all agree it is the one and only hot glue gun.  They are so versatile it really doesn’t matter what type of crafting you like to do – the hot glue gun works for them all!  I have a very basic high-temp glue gun that I have since college (ah the days of all the crafting for my sorority sisters) to this day it is the one I use for all my projects.  You can find them in various price points but just make sure you get a high temp, I find with the low temp guns/glues they don’t adhere as well.  I use it on everything from wood to fabric and in between.

Check out this amazing dual temp hot glue gun from Martha Stewart Crafts I found at Dick Blick art supplies I might have to upgrade 😉

So I hope that this helps you pick the essentials for your soon-to-be or already developed “stash”

Happy Crafting!


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