Tutorial: How to make a little girls headband holder

If you have a daughter and she is anything like mine – she has a ton of hair accessories am I right? Well you can always find a bow holder (stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on how to make your own) to buy, but what about those headbands? What can you do to store them?

They are cumbersome, don’t fit well in small drawers or jars and quite honestly I hate it when Isabel’s stuff is disorganized.  Meaning headbands mixing with elastics, hair bows, barrettes etc.  So what’s a mom to do? Hop on Pinterest of course…

Now unfortunately the original pinner did not link to anything other than the image… which pinterest etiquette is a whole other post in and of itself but lets not get ahead of ourselves here.

I am always game for a good animal print but this fabric combo just did not fit Isabel’s very french country toile bedroom (what is toile you ask? click here to find out about my favorite fabric pattern of all time!)  Obsessive yes… for me all her bedroom decor must tie in with the theme but not in an over obvious way, that is just how I like it.  Besides until she can tell me what she likes – I get to pick the theme!

After I finished my last container of oatmeal I made sure to clean it out and then I went through my fabric stash (which I promise isn’t half as impressive as my scrapbooking stash)

I came across the perfect navy polka dot fabric, that ties in via color to her room.  I am pretty sure I got this specific fabric at Jo-ann’s (my preferred fabric vendor here in Houston) Who doesn’t love polka dots – they are instant cheer in my mind!  So with the fabric selected and the oatmeal can ready to go I broke out the hot glue gun.  While the hot glue gun warmed up I sized up the fabric to see how much I would need.

When the glue gun was ready I glued down the first seam, making sure to press the fabric flat with my fingers (caution… be careful! I have burnt my fingers so many times doing this when the glue was still too hot)

After the first seam was dry, I wrapped the fabric all the way around the container and glued the second seam.  It’s important to keep the fabric the right length for the container or else you can end up with bulky seams and bulky ends.

To complete the ends of the container I folded the fabric inward like I was wrapping a gift.  I played (obsessed over) around with this for quite some time.  I wanted to make sure I could get clean lines, the least bulk possible and make sure that the fabric layered on top of itself would stick with the hot glue.

Once I was happy with the folding I had practiced… I glued down each piece of fabric and then switched to the other end

I stood it up and it looked great considering a half hour ago it was a plain oatmeal container!

Now time for the headbands!  This works so well – takes up little to no space.  Not to mention it keeps the headbands in direct eyesight so that I am reminded she has them and can quickly coordinate it with her outfit.

PS I found these headbands at Sam Moon – if you have never been YOU MUST GO, great accessories for awesome prices.  I think this twelve pack of assorted colors was maybe $9 and this whole project maybe took 30 min total = awesome!

Happy Crafting!

2 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to make a little girls headband holder

  1. Shari Kammerman says:

    Will ALL headbands fit on an oatmeal container? or do I need to find a bigger container for older kids? Any suggestions? And, what about putting something inside the container to weight it down? I can totally see my children knocking it down… rocks? beans?Thoughts…

  2. The Obsessive Crafter says:

    The headbands I use for Isabel are for older kids, (it has taken awhile for her to grow into them since her head was so tiny) they aren't baby headbands by any means.The headbands shown fit snugly but not too tight where the headband might get stretched out.You could definitely put something inside to weigh it down if you are concerned about your kiddos knocking it over. I would use rocks or vase fillers etc. I would stay away from beans since that might attract little critters after awhile.Hope that helps! Happy Crafting 🙂

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