The project that started it all: Part 1

As soon as I got pregnant I knew I did not want “baby stuff” to take over my house.  I was lucky that we had an extra family area off our kitchen that was going to serve as our soon to be daughter’s playroom.  

Well once she arrived and things like swings, exersaucers, jumpers and more started getting assembled, I knew that the original area I had reserved was not going to work.  Quite honestly it kicked my OCD into overdrive and I couldn’t help but trying to arrange it hundreds of times before I decided to take our other extra space (aka my own craft room) and switch it out with her playroom.  

Thankfully while on maternity leave I happened to discover a little website called pinterest.  So I immediately started a massive pinterest search to come up with some ideas.

Here was my inspiration… 

Theme: A bug’s life

I chose this for one main reason… if we ever have another child and it happens to be a boy this is pretty gender friendly.

I immediately fell in love with this color scheme the great 3D effect the leaves gave the room so feeling super creative I started on my project…Here is the room before – I was lucky that the blue I already had on the walls made for a great base coat.  

I took the concept of the whimsical grass from the inspiration photo and began to mark it out on the wall in pencil.  In terms of the height of the grass I wanted my daughter to feel like she was really in a bugs world so I enlarged the grass to make it feel larger as if she were at the soil level.  I also added things like mushrooms and an ant hill.

After the whole room was sketched out in pencil I outlined all the grass with a dark green acrylic paint that I had in my stash (my brand preference is Liquitex value series, it’s student grade but covers well, can be mixed easily and doesn’t try too quickly.)  This really gave me perspective for when I was filling in the grass.

You can see here unlike the inspiration photo, I used several shades of green to give the grass more dimension. The one time I was happy to have textured walls was as I was painting this room.  The texture on the wall really gave the grass a cool effect of shading that I hadn’t anticipated…BONUS right?

Getting closer… this is now two out of three walls complete.  In the corner is my daughter Isabel, she loved to keep me company while I worked on this.  I also watched my favorite Disney movies to keep the creative juices flowing!

Here is the other wall – you can see some flowers, a mushroom and the ant hill.  So much done but so much more to go… In the picture below you can see some of the pink flowers and more mushrooms I added to the main wall.

With three walls complete, this left me with a wall of built-in’s and a corner to somehow complete.  Again, I hopped on pinterest, searched some ideas and came up with these two photos as inspiration.

Who wouldn’t be inspired by this awesome felt tree found on apartment therapy? The colors, the texture… I just love it!

I loved the whimsical look of this tree with the curly branches and sweet woodland animals. I even contemplated the theme of woodland animals originally so this immediately sucked me in.  I have seen this tree on several sites but the link I found via pinterest is located here on stickers for the wall.  Here is what I came up with by combining the two…

Now from the first to second photo you can see some slight differences.  Not only did I finish the painting of the tree (again just acrylic paint I had in my stash (Liquitex) in 3 different colors layered on top of one another.  I also used a technique called dry brushing to blend the lighter into the darker) but I also thickened the branches a bit.  Since I had that big solid trunk I felt like the limbs in the top pic looked a bit scrawny.  Before this project was finished I ended up thickening the branches even more which you will see in the next post!

But how did I make it all 3D? Well check back for Part 2 where I explain all the things I did to make this playroom interactive for Isabel.

Happy Crafting!
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